We are Flat

We live in a time where everything and everyone is branded and categorized. We do not take part in this. 
Music is more than just a genre. Thus, Flat.

With our groovy rhythms, colorful harmonies, heavy riffs, tasty solos, elaborate compositions
and stimulating lyrics, we got something for everybody and everything for someone.


Samu (g,v)

Michi (eb,v)

Oskar (p,v)

Rafi (d)


Live Gigs

Flösserplatz Aarau, KiFF Aarau, Kofmehl Solothurn, Baronessa Lenzburg, Openeye Festival Oberlunkhofen, Gehren Open Air Erlinsbach, Ochsen Zofingen, SoNaFe NKSA Aarau, Garage Aarau,  var. community events (Dorffeste/Stadtfeste), private parties, cultural events, busking events.


Kitchen Bath release party, 2022 (Flösserplatz Aarau)

Film Music and acting in Project "Arbeitstitel 01" by Sofiya Schweizer, 2020

Crazy musical Birthdayparty for Samu and Oskar, 2019 (Fabrikpalast Aarau)

Falschmünzer, 2019 (Alte Reithalle Aarau)

Radio Gig at Radio KanalK, hosted by Jamarama, 2018

Rossteilete, 2018 (Alte Reithalle Aarau)

BandX Final, 2018 (KiFF Aarau)


Kitchen Bath, 2022

Mental Instrunobles, 2021 

Take a Look at Us, 2020

Music Videos

Noble Dwarf, 2020

Monkeys, 2020


Summer 2016: Founded by SAMU (g/v), RAFI (d) and Robin (eb)

Summer 2016: Robin is replaced by Nemo (eb)

Summer 2016: Official band name: “The Prudence”

Summer 2017: Nemo is replaced by MICHI (eb/v)

Winter 2018: Renamed to: “FLAT”

Summer 2018: Melik (leadv) joins

Summer 2019: OSKAR (p) joins

Spring 2020: Release of 1st album “Take a Look at us

Spring 2020: Melik leaves, not replaced

Winter 2021: Release of 2nd album: “Mental Instrunobles

Spring 2022: Record new music!  

Autumn 2022: Release of 3rd album "Kitchen Bath"

A lot of vocal and instrumental music is to follow.